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The buyer experience with Assist-2-Sell and Buyers Realty is the same as working with a traditional brokerage. We have access to all of the local listings within Cornwall, ON and surrounding areas and can help you find your dream home with a competitive professional service. When putting your trust in us to help find your new home, we truly go the extra mile to ensure we find the home that is fit for you.

Conveniently located next to the province of Quebec, State of New York and only minutes away from the National Capital Region, the City of Cornwall is a perfect location for remote workers needing to travel to either province and with our Via Rail service connecting Cornwall to the rest of the country, it’s easier than ever to commute to and from Cornwall!

Whether you are looking for a new residential property to call home, needing to downsize, or just simply want more space, we are here to help. No matter your needs, or what type of home you have your eye on, our stellar team is ready for it.


Here’s what Assist-2-Sell and Buyers Realty will do for you:

  • We will schedule a meeting with you to fully understand and equally address your needs, wants and concerns
  • Create a database of suitable listings and email them directly to you
  • We believe in complete transparency and will fully explain agency representation
  • Provide concise market information so you are prepared to make informed decisions
  • We assist with pre-approval and discuss any concerns relating to finances
  • We provide referrals to our network of professional & reputable local home inspectors, lawyers, mortgage brokers etc.
  • We schedule home viewings and communicate with you every step of the way
  • We extend our support and attend home inspections even if you are not available to do so
  • We negotiate on your behalf for the best terms possibl

Why Buy With Us?

Getting the best price is the major priority when buying a house. As a buyer, that entails negotiating for the best deal while the seller tries to maintain the highest pricing. Due to the inherent competition between buyers and sellers, practically every real estate transaction involves some sort of negotiation. Paying the best price for your next home is possible with the help of our competent realtors at Assist 2 Sell.

Our realtors persistently navigate the inescapable stumbling blocks of a home acquisition. Our realtors have the perspective and experience of handling these intricate, emotional transactions on a regular basis. It’s crucial to pick an agent you can trust, ask difficult questions, and feel at ease with.

Buyer Representation

Real estate agents have a duty to act in the best interests of their buyers at all times, and this is required by law. As you deal with sellers and their listing agents, a buyer’s agent will represent you as their client. A person’s largest financial transaction in life is often the purchase of a home. Having said that, it’s crucial to have our specialist on your side who can offer guidance to enable you to get the best result.

Negotiation Experience

Deals in real estate involve a lot of moving elements. To know what you should be asking for from the seller, it helps to have knowledge of the current market norms, even if bargaining techniques are one of your strong suits. Our realtors are knowledgeable about such things as: How much do sellers typically spend in closing costs?

Our Cornwall realtors will bring their knowledge to the table in low-ball bids, bidding wars, or contract contingencies to ensure the best result.

Market Knowledge

It is essential to comprehend market valuations for homes and how to compare properties when looking for a home. Our knowledgeable Cornwall realtors will do their homework and provide you with a wealth of information about the state of the market right now. We will also be able to tell you whether a house you are considering is priced significantly over or below market value.

Neighbourhood Expertise

Our experienced realtors at Assist 2 Sell can give you current details about utilities, schools, zoning, traffic, and other features that will help you choose whether or not a particular neighbourhood is the best fit for you. Finding a great home is only one aspect of the problem; a local expert can assist you in focusing your search to locate a neighbourhood that improves your quality of life as a whole.

Home Search Support

At Assist 2 Sell, as a buyer’s agent, we can give you a head start if you want to speed up your property hunt. Our realtors will first schedule a consultation to learn about the qualities and attributes of a property that are essential to you. We will then work with you to prioritise those elements in order to limit your search.

Once those criteria are established, we will sort through all of the listings to identify those that merit setting up a showing so you may view the properties in person. Even though it might seem like something you could accomplish on your own, it can take a lot of time, and without a real estate agent’s inside knowledge, you risk wasting your time on an out-of-date listing.

Access To Experts and Paperwork Management

The process of buying a home involves a number of experts, including mortgage lenders, home inspectors, title agencies, and others. Our realtors knows exactly which partners to suggest in order to make sure that you get superb service at every turn.

A house must be chosen, and a contract must be signed in order to be purchased. Hiring a professional realtor will be helpful if reading and understanding 15-page contracts, addenda, and disclosures seems like something you’d dread. Our agents can assist you in gathering, organising, and comprehending all of the paperwork needed to purchase your house.

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