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Assist-2-Sell and Buyers Realty is a full-service brokerage in Cornwall, ON and is committed to close every sale, leaving you with the most equity possible in your pockets. That means more money for what matters most to you and your family. RRSPs, RESP,  trips, renovations moving expenses and more.

Whether you’re staying in Cornwall or beginning a new journey somewhere else, our experienced agents will work on closing your property for a fair price and return on investment. Our agents are thorough and will work on maximizing buyers’ interests, marketing your property, and organizing showings. 

Let Us Show You The Savings

You can expect Assist-2-Sell and Buyers Realty to provide you with all the services required to achieve a hassle-free, quick, market value sale, such as:

  • We’ll provide you with a complete Comparable Market Analysis of your home to ensure the price of you home is not undervalued!
  • Our experienced agents will provide you with valuable advice to ignite buyer interest for a quick sale
  • Your home will be marketed through our extensive network, high traffic realtor websites including MLS®, local avenues and social media platforms to provide high exposure
  • All homes listed with Assist-2-Sell and Buyers Realty will feature a professional, branded “For Sale” board on their lawn to draw attention to potential buyers scouting the area
  • Assist-2-Sell and Buyers Realty will conduct showings to interested buyers by appointment only and to pre-qualified buyers
  • All necessary written or verbal communication including offers, negotiations, purchase contracts, etc.will be handled by our skilled, licensed agents on your behalf
  • All Assist-2-Sell and Buyers Realty listings save our clients thousands of dollars compared to a hypothetical 5% commission
* Commission is negotiable by law. Commission is used for comparison purpose only

Why Sell With Us?

Selling a home might be more emotional than buying one which is why it is very important that to choose the right partner on this journey to get the right return on your investment. Our experienced agents will work you through all you need to know and all we need to know to get you the best deal.

Reason for Selling

The reason for selling your property could be a deciding factor in how quickly you sell it. The property’s price may also be affected by the urgency.

Home Improvements

While improvements might boost the value of your property, damages can cost you money. A problem may appear to be large, yet it may often be solved with minimal effort and without a large expenditure.

The Cost of Selling

The cost of selling your home may include a commission to be paid to the agent, taxes, advertising charges, and specific reports, such as a property inspection. This knowledge is essential since it assists you in determining a reasonable price for the house as well as the prospective profit.

Condition of the Property

The condition of your home will always influence how soon it sells.  Getting the highest market value and distinguishing your house from others in the same price range typically comes down to first impressions. Impressions such as Fresh cut lawns, lack of clutter, freshly painted fences, clean windows, front door in great condition etc.

Pricing the Property

Setting the proper pricing is the most crucial element to consider when putting your home on the market to sell. Overpricing the property may result in a small pool of bidders and a longer time on the market. Under-pricing the property may result in you losing money on your investment and a buyer proposing an even lower price due to a negative impression of the property.

Property Location and Accessibility

Although you have little control over the location of your property, it has a significant impact on its marketability. If your property is priced in comparison to other offers in your neighbourhood is a factor to consider.

You can’t change your home’s accessibility to specific amenities, but it does influence the price of your home. Our agents will work with you to highlight the most accessible points of interest around your home which can be used in valuing and marketing your property.

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